Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Physical functionality

The last time I had serious general anaesthetic was for an I&D of an abscess that had suppurated way out of control (it was inconveniently located; please don't ask any followup questions). They sent me home with instructions to keep it clean. The first time I tentatively tried to clean the egg-like swollen lump that remained, I fainted - in the shower. I acquired an extra facial scar in the process from a passing tap, and my partner of the time came running, alarmed, in response to the racket.

This time, despite just how icky the cleaning process is, I'm doing pretty well - the collection of bloodied q-tips to the right is from one cleaning session of my nose - you can see why I'm running out :P Although my stability isn't great, I'm dizzy, sometimes need to rest against walls and so on, I haven't really felt close to passing out, or, since the actual surgery itself, and notable emotional consequences. I'm just impatient for the next stage of the adventure, I think - wish I were in Northern Europe right now, wearing an ultra-fashionable gasmask in full steampunk couture (possibly too much Gail Carriger in my recent past). The world awaits!

(Also, how do I generate em-dashes consistently across applications on Linux? I use the " - " construct so much, and it eats space like mad; particularly on twitter. Help me lazyweb, you're only my only hope)

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