Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last day of fulltime care

There are various points along this journey when I start wondering exactly how I should have asked questions to elicit more complete information.

Today I'm feeling moderately well - which is to say that I feel moderately rotten before medicating, and then substantially better afterwards. First full-mirror experience ensued, with a discussion of cleaning nasal sutures. Not too bad, all in all, and aside from an incipient lack of q-tips (one goes through these at a furious pace, it turns out, and acquiring more will require an adventure), I'm feeling pretty capable of taking over these particular duties.

Then we discussed this "facial garment", which is basically an elastic bandage designed - as far as I can tell - to keep one's lower jaw from falling off (well, there's some minor secondary effects to prevent fluid collection on the underside of the jaw, I think). The unexpected news here was that I'd be wearing it more or less continuously for 6 months. I was expecting one month, although I'm not entirely sure where that expectation came from.

Per Ava's suggestion, I *definitely* need some in pinstripe. Possibly with pinstripe-variant mohawks attached. For context, and while I'm too shy to make the galleries non-by-request-only, there's an elastic under-chin bit that runs from lower lip to throat and around the back of the neck, an elastic yarmulke-like scalp bit, and four velcro bits connecting them. Ripe for pimping out, I say.

Also, my lips arrive in a room long before any other bit of me does.

I'm mildly fascinated by the look right now, although I won't be surprised if y'all are horrified at first sight. Anybody that actually throws up, though, is off the christmas card list, like, forever.

At any rate, the remaining thing of interest that happens today is final dressing removal. At this stage, my head is still mostly covered. Later today, this all vanishes, and I think will be replaced solely by the facial garment, and with much less padding underneath. This will be the moment of truth, since most of the scary bits have been well concealed up until now. Watch this space.

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  1. Rather than normal q-tips I use which have a lot more cotton-wool on the ends. Of course, at ~$2 a pack, ordering them from somewhere that's going to charge $5-10 for shipping is kind of irritating but, you know, if you buy in bulk or have other stuff to order at the same time it works out okay.