Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's almost a wrap, folks

Tonight's visit by the good doctor was largely for the purpose of removing the drain that has been sitting in my neck for the past six days. It hasn't been a major bother, but its absence, psychologically, is making me feel pretty damn good.

Tomorrow a couple of the girls from London who are still stuck here due to ash have offered me a lift to the surgery, where sutures shall be removed. Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong during or after that process, I'll be home on Friday night.

This has been an interesting adventure. There's still some posts left to write, and I'm intending to save the ones that may carry a hint a criticism to the end (or perhaps skip them altogether). The worst part of the experience, by far, was the immediate anticipation. Coming in a long way behind was the few hours in recovery after the surgery, followed by the first 24 hours or so back in the hotel.

Other than that - I've had a surprisingly productive and restful week. I've done a lot of work (since Monday, at least), have shelved my plans to hide under covers for a few weeks in favour of commissioning or devising crazed headgear to inflict on the public, and have suffered next to no psychological trauma since getting comfortable back in the hotel. I've blogged more in the past week than I have in the past year, maybe two - and I haven't even gotten started on the visual medium.

The warnings are now coming thick and fast that there's an expected emotional crash that comes in the first couple of weeks post-surgery, and that may well be around the corner for me. But right now, I'm getting by just fine with a little help from my friends.

See you all soon.

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