Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home again

Back home for a full day now.

Patri is off gallivanting around the world, but Shannon has been wonderful and patient. Tovar, with the wisdom and sincerity of 4-year-olds, declared honestly that I looked pretty scary, but that we were going to have so much fun for Halloween, and gave me a cautious hug with minimal urging.

Biohazard issues have been discussed and cleared with housemates (while I'm not generating anywhere near as much debris as earlier, the thrice-daily cleaning and maintenance routine for sutures - particularly intra-nasal ones - is still not something I want to surprise people with).

Before I left I'd been threatening to declare a combined facewarming and birthday party, once I mustered the courage to leave my bedroom again. With barely a week to go, it seems unlikely I'll be out of bandages, let alone presentable. Odds are pretty good that I'll still be working from home. And I'll hopefully see many of you for board games and/or Rock Band before then anyway (sort of a mixed blessing: on the one hand, this is the one time in my life that I won't be hogging the microphone; on the other, I fatigue so fast that I make Cinderella look like an amphetamine club-bunny).

But more importantly, I'm enjoying waving my intermediate bandaged stage around. Earlier posts hinted at my burgeoning enthusiasm for the aesthetic potential of these bandages, and I think now I'm going officially bonkers over the idea of pimping them out and wearing them *everywhere*.

Which means, of course, that this whole grand unveiling idea is just about officially doomed (unless I develop complications in the near term that keep me bedridden </hypochondriac>), since I'm going to be displaying my exotic headgear and nouveau cheekbones at every opportunity from now on anyway.

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