Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Facial garments redux

The more I think on it, the more excited I am about the idea of wearing one of these things out for a few months. It's basically a symmetric head structure that I have a medically defensible reason for wearing!

Augmentation plans so far:
  1. Dreadlocks. Boring.
  2. Rainbow pony tail.
  3. These are apparently optionally available in black, although the surgery happens to be out of them.
  4. A screen print of the underlying muscle and bone - this could be done off the MRI data, which is making my commercial whore self wet with excitement - could charge a *lot* for an individual print, particularly in the context of a $20k-$40k procedure. I mean, why wouldn't you spring an extra few hundred for customized head gear to wear proud?
  5. Horns. Because we have a shapelock order coming into Noisebridge.
  6. Kitty/rabbit/rodent ears. Furries are vain, too.
  7. Electronics - zOMG, ELECTRONICS! We have flexible EL fabric!
  8. Pinhead. Just because.
I'll be at SCoW next Wednesday, I expect, assuming I'm up to the drive, and I'm *totally* excited.

Not sure how to deal with the fact that my grossly over-inflated lips become the centerpiece of this outfit. Hockey-mask style front, maybe?

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