Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 2

Second day has passed in relative comfort. My main plaint is that my neck muscles are ridiculously stiff from sitting upright for 48 hours. Doctor's whirlwind visit combined with further chiding over not having done the forehead occasioned little more than eye-rolling - more importantly, I'm cleared to spread Vicodin intake out over the dosing interval, and tighten the interval up to 2 every 4 hours as well.

My weekend is all about the drugs (and Dido playing on Grooveshark and seeding Pandora).

Valium, however, is pretty disappointing - maybe my dosage just isn't high enough. Does anywhere deliver Valium pizza?

(I'm also slightly concerned that talking about drugs so much on Twitter might be triggering for some, so I'm going to lay off that)

Requested photos to be taken today, although I have no intention of looking at them anytime soon. Also, I'm totally puzzled by these mysterious little lozenge things that are stuck up on doorways and mirrors and places - I'm pretty sure there was one on someone's *shoe* at the OR. I'm wondering if they're portable mezuzahs or some such.


  1. So what is it with Valium? They gave it to me before my Lasik and I was completely unimpressed--I felt no change whatsoever (and thus completely ripped off).

  2. Valium is a muscle relaxant. It's only really a fun drug if taken with alcohol or other drugs. Even then, it's only "fun" if you're definition of "fun" is "sleepy and out of control." (not me)

    Anecdotally, the only time I took Valium it did nothing for me at all, either. The girl I was with was totally wasted, though.

  3. For me, the difference is stark - if I sleep with Vicodin but without Valium, I have nasty, nasty dreams and wake up every hour or so. With Valium, I get hours of quality of rest.