Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cat's First Law: when in doubt, nap

On reflection, two hours of fitful sleep on a redeye - particularly on top of a month's worth of stress-addled sleeplessness - doesn't leave me fit for daring decision-making. An hour of enforced nap makes me much more lucid.

The post-op care video freaked me out because (the current theory :P) the patient is largely helpless for a few days - eyes swollen shut, drugged into near-catatonia, and, frankly, that bandaged zombie look was really not helped by the transparent plastic drain bottle with sloshing pale pink liquid attached to the side of her head, with coiled hose vanishing under the dressings.

Massive bruising, swelling, medication administered via drops and creams into alternate eyeballs...

I'm simply not brave enough to do all of this at once, alone.

But this is a chasm that can be crossed in two leaps.

Some time last year, I asked about a surgery plan that wouldn't be quite so big-bang-y and focus on the things that most bothered me, and the surgeon obliged with a lower face/upper face split of procedures, where the lower face set addresses all my personal priorities.

Some experiments with mixing lower and upper halves of my pre- and post- VFFS pictures to explore just doing the lower face give results that I'm comfortable with (yay Aardvark - much faster than reading Gimp documentation!), and I think I'll be able to cope with the post-op care much better if I can rely on being able to see - and the surgeon did say recovery would be somewhat shorter and easier with the reduced impact.

The major downside: I'll now be too embarrassed at chickening out on the full monty to hold that facewarming I've been promising.

(The major strangeness: the main reason for selecting this surgeon was his ability to do endoscopic brow work - which I'm now intending to defer to another operation. While he uses the same tools to minimize scarring for chin work, I never really thought about whether my surgeon choices might rank differently for an operation restricted to the lower face.)

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