Friday, April 16, 2010

Bedside manners

Dr Zukowski came through this evening at about the +26 hour mark to remove the dressings and inspect. His stated opinion - "technically, everything's excellent - you're really going to regret not having done the forehead. But great." He pulled out the nose packing - breathing! Yes! - and vanished after some more idle chitchat.

Now it's coming up to my 1am meds and cleanup, and my nurse is sound asleep. She apportioned out the meds an hour or so back, which frankly places a lot of trust in my self control (and I did indeed sneak half a Vicodin shortly thereafter - the complete regimen for 1am is two Vicodin, one Valium, two anti-swelling meds of some description, and an antibiotic), and went back to sleep. Unfortunately, I then realized that it was also suture cleaning time.

I'd realized today that my plan to avoid looking at my face at all for the next few weeks wasn't going to work, since I was going to have to do the cleaning myself for the following week. I managed to clean my nasal sutures blind, but the eyes (blepharoplasty, y'see) were going to be a problem. So, with more than a little trepidation (but also the aforementioned illicit half valium) I turned on the bathroom light and faced the mirror for the first time.

Holy fuck.

Luckily there's such hideous haematoma-grade swelling under my eyes that I didn't get much impression of my nose before turning away again - also helping was my upper lip, which has been bloated out to monstrous size. I realize that, between expected fat reabsorption and post-anaesthetic swelling, it's going to start out monstrous, but this is seriously, seriously disturbing.

Thank science for Vicodin. And Valium, which I'm just about due for.

I've seen pictures of other people go through the recovery stage for this order of surgery, and it hasn't been even remotely pretty. And you'll recall just how much I freaked out at the video just a couple of short days ago. And I think it might be time to disturb, with great humility and apologies, my $700/day nurse.

Oh - my unreserved apologies, just as I finish writing this, she pops out of bed to help. Yay!

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