Saturday, March 20, 2010

This time, Gadget.

Although my nights are restless, I'm feeling generally resolute.

Yesterday I called consulates to ask about passport photo updates, just in case the outcome turns out to be more striking than I expect. The Australians answered promptly, and immediately gave a reasonable answer (signed and dated supporting declaration from surgeon), but said that they'd check with the embassy in Washington and call me back.

The Poles? Well, front desk at the LA consulate was no longer staffed at 3.30pm on a Friday. I tried various other numbers, and eventually found an "honorary consulate" that was still answering the phone (without quite needing to call Honolulu) who supplied a direct number to the LA passport desk, who couldn't see what all the fuss was about, and felt totally confident that they'd be able to identify me regardless - just show up with the old passport.

I'm going to assume the CA DMV gets weirder things in their breakfast cereal and will cope just fine.

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