Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My idyllic visions of a romantic return home from surgery via the California Zephyr have been shot down - I'll still be wearing a "facial garment" full-time, which doesn't sound like it will make for good people-meeting experiences (although, who knows?). So a somewhat more prosaic return flight seems a more pragmatic choice; allowing lots and lots of time to clear security.

More disturbingly, the surgeon is adamant that I should do the scar-iffic hairline advance. He assures me that (a) the scar is not particularly visible, and (b) I could have hair transplants atop it at a later date, but the person in the mirror is the critic I'm most concerned about, and I feel it's more likely than not that I'll entirely shave my head sometime in the next few decades, or generally not always have or want to have long hair entirely covering that region of my head.

On the other hand, he charges the same for the underlying procedure regardless of whether the hairline advance is done or not, so this is credibly a purely aesthetic concern on his part, and he's the guy with all the experience.

And I'm all about the aesthetics, no?

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